Sunday, November 16, 2008

Lay-Away Program from Kmart

In few more weeks it will be Christmas. Did you start shopping for Christmas present yet? I know I don't. I am still looking around to see if I can find deals online. Have you ever heard of lay-away? Do you know that there is a lay-away program at Kmart? Yes, a lay-away program! Isn't that cool? This is a great idea especially for this coming holiday season. It will enable you to reserve those hot deals. In this lay-away program you can make payments overtime and not have to pay for the item all at once. Kmart Layaway allows you to not have to put it on your credit card and pay those high interest rates. All you need to do is you can pay over time and pick the item up before Christmas. The lay-away program of Kmart makes it easy for everybody to make the holiday special. What I would like to get at is the "sap/dia bracelet". I am planning to use the Kmart lay-away program, and give this jewelry to my mother as a Christmas present. I am sure she will love this item. It is an 18kt gold over sterling silver genuine sapphire diamond accent bracelet. If you purchase an item like this, you can put it on the Kmart lay-away program and pay it off in 8 weeks. Just think of the interest you will save without putting these items on your credit card. If I where you, I should check Kmart's website now for more details. Enjoy shopping!Click Here

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