Monday, November 17, 2008

Diaper Cake

How many of you have done baby shower before? Have you been to one? When I got here in America I was unfamiliar of what baby shower is. Usually in the Philippines they don't make a big deal about baby shower, maybe they do now. When I got pregnant of Akesha my sister-in-law hosted the baby shower for me. I was overwhelmed in the beginning because I don't know what to do...heheh..:) That was nice of her to host it for me. I felt like I was the center of attraction. The second time I went to a baby shower was with my sister-in-law. We made a surprise baby shower for her last Christmas. I sent out invitations and did the decorations, and my other sister-in-law hosted it in her house. The good thing of baby shower is the baby presents. It does help a lot, specially when you get the big what we got during my baby shower.
Speaking of baby shower presents, what do you think should you get when you go to a baby shower? Are you going to get a crib, bouncer, clothes, blankets, bottles, diaper, stroller, carseat, toys, or what?...hehehe...:) My Filipina friend I met 2 years ago from my dentist office invited us to go to her baby shower. I was confused of what to get for her because you know, when it comes to a baby shower party there is always a tendency that you will get items that are the same. So this time, I made a unique present. I made her a diaper cake. Yep, you heard me! A diaper cake...hehhe! Here's the process. Since we don't know if it is a boy or a girl, I did the neutral colors.


Cecile said...

i have seen this before and it is so cute!did yoy do that, dhemz?

you can start a business throught this, i saw one at state fair and they are really selling lots of it, will make a great gift for baby shower :-)

Scarlet said...

I watched this in the TV but I don't have any idea how to make it...Now, Alam ko na..hahaha..thanks sis!

Mrs. Stevenson said...

very clever idea. thanks for this sis. i have a baby shower to attend next weekend. actually it is 2 baby shower parties.

Chubskulit Rose said...

wow, you're very creative dhemz.. i like the design..