Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Important Venture

Good morning folks? Did you get enough sleep last night? I hope you do. Did you eat breaksfast yet? Me, I am not a breakfast person. I just had a cup of hot choco this morning and that's about it. I would prefer to eat brunch than breakfast. Well, that's me! Anyhow, I hope you guys have a great day!
Here's the quote of the day!
"The man who makes a success of an important venture never wails for the crowd. He strikes out for himself. It takes nerve, it takes a great lot of grit; but the man that succeeds has both. Anyone can fail. The public admires the man who has enough confidence in himself to take a chance. These chances are the main things after all. The man who tries to succeed must expect to be criticized. Nothing important was ever done but the greater number consulted previously doubted the possibility. Success is the accomplishment of that which most people think can't be done."

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