Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Dora Fanatic

My daughter Akesha turned 31 months old the other day. I can't imagine how time drastically change. She grow up so quickly. Anyhow, one thing she loves to watch during the day time is "Dora the Explorer". Dora influence her a lot, as you can see she is Dora fanatic. She enjoy watching the show even if it is on repeat, and shes also addicted with "Spongebob". I am glad that she can entertain herself by watching these shows while I do blogging. I don't need to run every 5 seconds just to check on her because if she need something she will come and ask me. Good job Akesha!heheh..:)


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  2. hmmmn im confused of zeb's comment.. do you mean your niece?

    Dapat magkapitbahay tayo sistah kasi love na love ni rylie ang dora and diego..

  3. cute ng princess mo!
    hehehe natatawa ako nung naligaw ka sana binaliktad mo damit mo para makauwi ka"!!!
    sorry if mali links ko...daan lng here..

  4. Super cute na Akesha.. sana dagdagan mo pa ang lahi mo sistah. Tingnan mo ang anak mo parang artista paglaki nyan, di ba?

  5. Wow! She looks like a hard core Dora fan! My girl likes Dora and Spongebob too but we don't get to buy too much Dora and Spongebob stuff here in Malaysia because not only is it limited, but very expensive!!

  6. Dhemz, ako din fan ni Dora..hehehe,my nephew in PI used to watch Dora and here, my alaga loves to watch it, favorite talaga lalo na si Diego. Eh, naki nood ako lagi, fan na din ako...hehehe.

  7. haha she's so cute it Nicole too she the sponge bob,Dora and go go Diego di nga gumagalaw pag pagdating sa mga dora at sponge bob share nman kau ni nicole he he hope we can meet when we go visit my friend there maybe they living at Hanford how that place on yours dhemz?akesha is she talking yet?

  8. kakatuwa nman xa sarap nman xa pisilin ang pisngi kahit nung single ako mahilig ako sa mga bata lalo na madaldal kahit you didn't understand nkakatuwa sarap ng may baby kahit tgas ng ulo may consuelo din ako kay nicole pag cnigawan ko babangon xa pra i kiss ako i think akesha too she's so pretty pretty akesha


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