Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Check out a new movie sneak peek

Now that we have elected a new President, we are wondering what changes are in store. Changes are Coming and we hope they are positive ones. You should check out the youtube video concerning change. What do you think of the movie’s message? The video is about change that Obama keeps talking about. The writer and producer talks about why it took 40 years to create the movie. He takes you back to the Roman times when even Jesus couldn’t change the behavior of people. You should go to the youtube site and leave comments about the video. What do you think? What message do you think the video is trying to portray? Is America like Rome in the time of Jesus? Is America going to fall like Rome? Are we on the verge of a collapse with our economy going down, and people losing their homes and jobs? The video is about the great American circus with big corporations becoming richer while the middle class struggles to pay the bills. This is a great satire of the American life, and I encourage you to leave a comment at the youtube website concerning this video. I hope that America isn’t on the downward spiral that this video is portraying.

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