Friday, October 24, 2008

Sotanghon For Dindin!

What we have for dindin (dinner)? Well, I made pork Sotanghon. I don't know how to make this before but I've been cooking this dish since I got here in America. Greg and Akesha loves it! Hubby called it "pansit"..hahah...this is not pansit at all. I think the color looks different because I added too much soy sauce on the meat. Infairness, it taste good! Good job for me!


  1. it is indeed delicious! i do love coking sotanghon too when i was back in ph .. it can be mixed with many things and it tastes good. Your post make me miss it...

    I have never eaten anything Pinoy since i went to europe, sigh...

  2. naku,,nagutom ako nung nakita ko ito
    nmakidaan po at makikain na din

  3. wow! Dems, pa-share naman ng recipe mo nyan... i suck at cooking! i would love to learn more pinoy recipes.

  4. haaay nagutom tuloy ako..hehehe


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