Monday, October 27, 2008

Mellow Day!

We are unable to go to church today because we woke up late, and I was busy studying for my online class. We decided to skipped the church and we will try to go next week. We had brunch around 12 o'clock. I made french toast for hubby and Akesha, and I made pancit canton for myself...hehehe! :) I also made a simple fruit salad.
Finally, our quiz is over! I am also done reading the articles and I am good to go (blogwalking). hehhe...:)

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  1. day, i love french toast, super favorite jud...well, i love the other food you displayed too, thanks diay for the add...hayyy...nagpakimalooy tawon, hahaha. I been in blogspot since 2005 but only been active since july, amazing ayo noh?sayang pud


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