Thursday, October 23, 2008

I've Got Another Token From Blogging!

Last night we got the new folding table set that I ordered online. I am glad that it only takes few days to get it dilevered. I thought of getting one of this for our kitchen. Instead of going to the dining room and eat there, now we don't need to. I actually got the money from my blogging earnings. Thanks to all the sponsors out there. I've got another token from my blogging odessey. Thanks also to all my fellow bloggers!


  1. Wowowowow! Sisterette, super rich ka natalaga hehehe.. Congrats, dami mo na memorable remmebrance ah, ako wala pa hehehe..

    yippe nakakuha ka ng 20 today, kodus! sarap ng buhay pag ka ganyan ang opps hahaha...

    I like the style by the way!

  2. That's very nice! Wifey is a saver so she's just stocking up her earning to our c-account hahaha...

    Mine did not qualify to ppp, they said that it needs to be 90 days old.

  3. Lucky you sister.. You've been doing shopping with your blog earnings already. Kakainggit!!

  4. wow! amazing ahhh...i am new in blogging opportunity and i am enjoying it money, no hassle...sayang 2005 pa membership ko, d ko man lang nagamit...dami ko pa workout d2...congrats

  5. hello dhems, congrats, that a good investment hehe. Ang swerte ng buhay, matino ka talaga dahil yong pera binili mo ng remembrance.Ganda pa naman ng table. Good wife talaga hehe.


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