Thursday, August 21, 2008

Quarter of a Century!

Despite from being sick on my birthday I was able to put myself together. I woke up with hugs and kisses from Greg. Not only that, I woke up with cake, flowers, balloon, card, and birthday presents. I wonder why my husband was in the kitchen with my daughter early in the morning. Akesha wanted to eat the cake, and I heard her crying in the kitchen. No wonder... there is a conspiracy going on. She wants the balloon too. They sang happy birthday without a lit on the candle. Greg can't find the lighter because we just recently moved, so we don't know where is at.

I felt so special. I have nothing to ask for (except another kid) :). I thought it was sweet and romantic. I can't believe he was able to hid all those stuff. No wonder why he doesn't want me to get in the kitchen (the night before).

We went to out for dinner yesterday. We had so much fun. We went to a Mexican Resto called Garcia's Mexican Grill and Restaurant. The food was delicious!

While we we're husband popped this question “so honey, now that you're 25 do you feel old?” ...hahahha! What a question! I answered “nay, not really! I feel the same way... like I used to be (young)” hahaha...:) Yep! I'm certainly a quarter of a century.

By the end of the day I'm still sick. Oh my goodness! I can't believed I was sick on my birthday. I think that was the first time in my whole life I got sick on my birthday. I'm thankful for every blessing that I have in my life. Thanks to you Lord Jesus Christ for all the abundance that I receive every single day.


Mummy SHENG said...

belated happy birthday! you sure had such a nice celebration!

donya michy said...

the food looks yummy indeed!


NYoMaN said...

wow happi bday!

happi wkend also =P

Cielo said...

Happy Bday to you, hope you will be OK,

its my first time here at natiming na bday mo pa.

I can see that you are very happy with your family, it shows...

It's nice to touch bases to fellow Pinay blogger in the other side of the world.

BTW, thx for visiting me

kapanpun said...

happy happy birthday! wish you all the best

by kapanpun

DeLiA said...

happy belated birthday ;)

artofreed said...

happy birthday !!

Elliot said...

I'm happy that you're living a good life in the US. ^^;

How bout an exlink?

Everything Kimchi
The Cake Chronicles

Have a great weekend!

si dede jadul punya said...

lucky u!!
happy 25th day!
new hope, new life, new husband ;D