Saturday, August 23, 2008

Guess what I FOUND?!

Even if I still have a flu, I can't rest my mind thinking about putting some of the stuff away. I'm not able to finish organizing some of our clothes in the closet. Yesterday, I should be resting because I'm sick, but because of my stubbornness I did it anyway.

I was in our room folding our clothes and put them in the closet. I grabbed a chair then I tried wiping the top of the closet, and all in a sudden I saw something. I thought it was some kind of paper but it was half folded and colored green. Guess what I found? I found 5 of 100's! I was amazed, and shocked! I kept counting the money over and over again. I can't believed I found a 500 bucks. I immediately called my husband from work, letting him know about it. He thought I was kidding because who could thought that somebody left their money. And we don't know the people who live here before us. So, we decided to keep the money. Maybe it was meant for us because we need the money to pay off some of our bills. I don't know! Maybe it was God's grace.


  1. Waw, great! But, i suggest you to keep on until the owner call you. Or wait for 3 months (ofcourse, you must try to find the owner). If fail, thats yours. (This tips i believe in my religion). Glad to meet you. ^_^.

    Lets Change The World!

  2. wowww...nice found...if u dont mind could u give me...hehehe...just kidding...have a nice day

  3. thanks for visiting and give the comment but, why i not using shoutbox cause is like providing our visitor to say hi and not read our blog even we write to have a feedback :( so don't be to stubborn mam, body need a rest to especially when is a flu. get some sleep your closet can wait. lol

  4. Wow naman what a blessing. You're blessed, things happen for areason you know..

  5. i love this post!:)

    One of the simplest yet greatest things that happened to me was finding a Php500 bill in my pants' pockets at a time when I thought I was broke and salary day was like a good 5 days away. That is why I totally related on this post of yours.

    The money is yours to keep. That was God's blessing as He knew you need it. :-)


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