Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Present from MOM!

My benign mom often send us a package from the Philippines. Instead of us sending them something, but then the situation is opposite. :) We only send package to them every December and that is it period. We don't have money flying around or shall I say “money don't grow on trees”, we are on our tight budget.

My mom wanted to send us all the time (anything). Though the problem is the amount of shipping from the Philippines is humongous. Sometimes when she send us a package, the amount inside the package is less than the amount she paid on the shipping. How demented is that?!

Since my aunt (family friend)and her family from Texas went to PI for a vacation. I told my mom that she is coming (July-August). When my aunt was there my mom bought some stuff for us, so she give it to my aunt, and my aunt will then send the package to us (for free).

I actually received the package during my birthday. We have this big box filled with clothes. How ironic! Our clothes came from the Philippines. Thanks a lot MAMA! You are the best mother in the whole wide world. She's been longing to send me the DXN vitamins but the problem is the postal services in the PI is so strict. My aunt didn't bring those vitamins, she was concerned because they (airport) might take those out from the baggage. I don't know. I can't afford to buy the DXN online because it's too expensive.

Anyhow, I appreciate my mom for sending us the package. I loved the clothes that she sent. I love her always!


ckulit said...

Sweet naman ni momma mo... I agree with you with the postal fees, ako once a year din lang nagpapadala ng goodies masyadong magastos hehehe.

Hey, can we xlink pls? PLs visit me back and let me know..


Allen's Darling said...

Hi Demcy

Me too, my sister always sent me something.Laugh, were on the same level.I didn't sent money to them.But she knows how tight money here.Because even before i came here.I told her already.What my situation will come here.So she understand me.Now she is my supplier of my pocketbooks hobby.I love my sister so much.

Its...me Weng

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thanks a lot!