Sunday, August 17, 2008


This week is my first month of writing reviews from the advertisers. That means this week I got paid from them. It's not a bundle of bucks that it won't fit in my purse (hahahahha!). I know....I know... some people thought (including my self) that making money from blog is a scam. I was very skeptical of doing this in the beginning.

So, I submitted my blog to SocialSpark, Payperpost, and Sponsoredreviews. After I got their approval, I then started writing some reviews from them (advertisers). Some of them takes like few days to avail the slot and wait for the opportunities.

I am a starter so I will always be the last priority (that's fine). I am working my way up. To all the people who visited my blog my family, friends, and fellow bloggers thank you so much for your time.

Being a stay-at-home mom I am able to make extra income while making a blog. Blogging is fun ! I consider it as my collection of memories, and my personal journal. Also, I am able to share and update my friends and family in the Philippines.

It's very interesting because I told my husband that I got paid on my paypal account, and now he is planning to make his own blog.

Anybody who wanted to make money from their blog, don't hesitate to try.


Irene said...

Congrats am a fellow newby in blogging too... and you're right though it's not much at least it's a start... good luck :)

My link:

Sweet Pea 48 said...

Good luck with the blogging and congratulations too!