Sunday, August 17, 2008

Daddy's Li'l Helper!

I wasn't able to post this yesterday because my camera died (low bat), and I didn't upload the photos right away. Yesterday I insisted to Greg to mower the backyard. The grass aren't that long, I just wanted him to trim it a little bit. He refused at first but then I convinced him after awhile(he has no choice) :)

It takes forever to finish mowing the lawn, I tried to help him out but I got exhausted easily. Akesha wanted to help her father mowing. Greg let her hold the handle and she was giggling. She had fun doing it. Afterwards she got cranky because she can't keep up with the speed of the mower. She was frustrated and wanted to help badly. Even our dog wants to join them too.

I was impressed with my husband because he finished it without complaining (he better not be! :) ) Now, I'm happy!

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