Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Back to School!

Today is the first day of my online class. I chose taking the online class this semester because my husband might go to England. His unit (Air Force) is planning to go there for their annual tour. So in case he will go to England I don't need to worry of going to the class, because I take the online class. I actually enrolled 3 classes this semester but I dropped the two of them. We realized that if I take the 3 classes and he will go to the annual tour, who will watch our daughter when I'm at school? Usually I take the evening class while Greg is taking care of Akesha.
I'm taking Sociology right now. I'm glad that there is one online class that will satisfy my general ed that will get me into the nursing program, because if there is no available I will be devastated. The advantage of taking an online class is great! I will be able to keep an eye with my daughter,take the class any time of the day, and there is a tendency you can cheat while taking the exam. hahahaha!
We already have assignments to do this week. We will have our first exam on Friday. I have plenty of things to read right now. I hope I will still be able to balance the blogging and studying...:) My family come first. This is not my first time taking an online class, so I know the process.
I am hoping I can keep up with all of you guys. I will be visiting your page still. I also hope that I will not be left out on taking the opportunities of SS and PPP. :)


Batur SASAK said...

hore...i am first here....nice blog

artofreed said...

online class... wow... it nice. I wish you pass your exam and realize your dream. Manage your time, for study, blogging. Your study and your Akesha more important.

Dimas Heru Cakra said...

Hi demcy,. nice blogs ey.. i've read your little story.. by the way.. if u want to request your favorite songs... i beg u to visit my new blog...nice time

Me, the islands and the world said...

am doing online class too and it's quite difficult to do time management as I'm doing a lot of other things:) hey, good luck and hope you'll pass them all in flying colors.