Friday, July 25, 2008

Where's YOUR Future?


I took my Bills IQ, and here is the result.

Credit: How well do we pay our bills? We always pay our bills on time and we never file for bankruptcy. Our BillsIQ for credit is 92%.

Debt: How well do we manage our debt? The total credit debt we have right now is between 1k-3k, and we are able to pay it monthly. Our BillsIQ for debt is 83%.

Budget: How well do we plan and manage our cash flow? As a couple we have our budget sheet and we always track our monthly expenses and surplus. Our BillsIQ for budget is 89%.

Wealth: How efficient are we building assets? We owned our condo but the market is down so we cant do anything, we just have to rent it. My husband deposits 401k automatically from his paycheck, and our family is insurance covered. Our BillsIQ for wealth is 86%.

Life plan: How well do we prioritize managing our finances? Well, I am planning to get into the nursing program and that will be my career goals. We also allocated monthly for our child's educational fund. Our BillsIQ for life plan is 91%. Our average total BillIQ is 88%.

Our future plans as a family: Keep an eye on our finances, purchase a house in 3-5 years, put savings on our daughter's college fund, and retired in the Philippines.

What I learned from Bills IQ is, it has great deal in determining our credits, debts, budgets, and life plan objectives.

I already took it. So, it's your turn now! Check it out.

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1 comment :

st_hart said...

that's great result! you need to worry about nothing :)
uhm, i won't take the bill iq test now. i am afraid my overall will be about 40% - 60% :D