Saturday, July 26, 2008

This is definitelty it!

I wasn't able to post this entry last Thursday because I forgot, and I go to bed early. Thursday morning we went to check out another house. The house doesn't really impress me, and the backyard isn't child friendly.
Greg has been viewing houses by himself, I wasn't able to go with him because the housing management personnel show the houses in the middle of the day. He brings camera with him and video tape the property. We have one in our list and we really love it, it has a huge backyard and fruit trees.
So we made our final decision, and Greg called the Management company telling them that we are interested on that property. About 5:45 pm we went to see the house, and I really love it. I thought I will not like it because I only saw the video. I am glad that the whole property exceeded my expectation.
We signed up the application and it's good to go. I already start packing our stuff for the last couple of days. I'm feeling stress, and at the same time excited!

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