Monday, July 2, 2018

Philippine ARB Honouree

My dad came from an underprivileged background in a remote village in the Philippines. He was a young boy when he lost his mom and never finished 3rd grade. Against all odds, he was able to find ways and pulled out himself of poverty through hard work. He spilled blood, sweat, and tears to get to where he is now.

fastforward: Despite my dad's (my parents) status, growing up we never lived an opulent lifestyle. In fact, up to this day my parents still live in the same modest house that we grew up in 30 years ago and still leads a low-key lifestyle. .
One thing I admire about my dad the most is his rise in status, however, does not make him forget his humble roots, even using his reputation as a political asset. .

Today, he is known as one of the 6 most successful and outstanding Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries' (ARBs) honourees in the entire Philippines and number 1 in the island of Mindanao. .

The Department of Agrarian Reform flew my parents to Manila last week to recieve the award. My dad received a citation and cash award for his exceptional achievements that inspired and exerted a positive impact in the community.

As his only daughter, I am proud to say that my dad exemplified the epitome of a successful businessman and human being. Poverty is not a hindrance to success. Proud of you, pa! You deserve all the praises...lovelots!

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