Wednesday, March 21, 2018

5 Super Fun and Family Friendly Activities to Plan for this Fall

Summer doesn’t have to be the end of family fun.
Did you miss out on some of the awesome fall activities last year? Then make plans now so you can make the best of all the fun activities that you want to participate in this year. Once spring and summer are over, you’ll want a plan to pack in the most action you can!
With the end of summer comes school, shorter days, and cooler weather.
For many, this time is a little bittersweet because of all the fun activities that summer had to offer.
Fall, however, can be just as fun and offers many activities for families.
When fall comes, take advantage of the still not-so-cold weather and get your family together for these five super fun and family friendly activities to do in the fall.
1. Take a drive and find some beautiful trees
One of the best parts about fall is the beautiful colors that are produced by the leaves changing.
If you live in an area with lots of trees or live close to somewhere you know has a lot of them, take a drive and see who can spot the prettiest leaves.
Get out and walk around and enjoy nature before it goes into hibernation for the winter.
2. Try out a corn maze
A super fun fall adventure for the whole family is going to a corn maze,
A corn maze is great because they can either be long or short, or fun or scary.
Many corn mazes also have other fun activities for the family and for all ages.
Make it a scavenger hunt or a game, like whoever finishes the corn maze first gets a prize, or have a team leader and have them guide you through the corn maze.
However you want to do it, a corn maze is a great option in the fall.
3. Pick some juicy apples
There is one delicious thing about fall time: apple picking season.
Take your family to an apple orchard and let them pick out their own apples. Another great thing is that nearby or at the orchard, they likely have a place that makes delicious and fresh apple pie.
Another fun thing to do at an apple orchard is to take some beautiful family pictures. Nothing makes a better backdrop than the delicious apples and beautiful trees.
4. Visit a pumpkin patch
Fall means the holiday season is around the corner, one of the first being Halloween.
Take your family to a pumpkin patch to pick out their own pumpkins to make Jack-o-lanterns or for decorating your house. You could also pick a few to make delicious pumpkin pie.
Another fun thing about pumpkin patches is that they usually offer other fun activities such as a hayride or a corn kernel pit for the kids to roll around in.
5. Do something spooky
Another way to get into the fall and Halloween spirit is doing something spooky.
Maybe take your family to different graveyards and see if you can find the spookiest. Or maybe find out if your town has a tour of places rumored to be haunted.
For the older kids and adults, it might be fun to see if you can find a spooky theme park or haunted maze. Most cities now have a "haunted house" just for Halloween time filled with workers dressed up as scary monsters and ghosts.