Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Hockey’s Toothless Smiles Through the Decades

In the world of hockey, missing teeth are worn like a badge of honor. A contact sport on ice, wearing sharp blades on your feet and not much more than a thin bucket on your head, hockey may cause some stress and anxiety for your mom. However, over the years the sport has grown dramatically, impressing children, youth, and adults from all parts of the world.
The rough and tough players on the rink prove their skill, athleticism, and teamwork, along with the motivation to get up after each hit. The following pictures take us through the decades of toothless heroes, and reminds us why mouth guards are kind of important!
Bobby Hull 1963
One of the first players to curve his stick to improve his shot. Nicknamed “The Golden Jet,” Bobby was ultra-fast on the ice, and ranked number 8 on Hockey News’ top 100 players list.
Bobby Clarke 1973
Canadian born hall of famer, Bobby Clarke played in the NHL for 15 years. Known as being one of the greatest captains of all time, Clarke was a 3 time Hart Trophy winner, and made the 24th position on The Hockey News’ Top 100 players list.
Doug Risebrough 1983
A major contributor to the NHL for over 31 years, Doug Risebrough was a player, coach, and general manager. Over his career, he accumulated 1,780 penalty minutes, 185 goals, and 740 career games.
Mark Messier 1991
Considered to be one of the greatest NHL players of all time, this Canada born all-star was nicknamed “The Moose” for his overall aggression and strength on the ice. A 15 time NHL all-star, Messier played in the league for 26 years.
Ken Daneyko 2003
Canadian born, of Ukrainian descent, Ken, aka “Mr. Devil” holds the franchise record for playing in 1,283 games for the New Jersey Devils. His 24 year career totaled 2,516 regular season penalty minutes, 36 goals, and 142 assists.
Daniel Carcillo 2011
Known on the ice as the “Car Bomb,” retired Carcillo runs a nonprofit to help former players with mental health issues from post-concussion syndrome. A career total of 1,233 penalty minutes, 48 goals, and 52 assists, Carcillo played for over ten teams over his 15 year career.

These grins may give us a laugh, but the professionals at the Alligator Pediatric Dentistry urge anyone participating in a contact sport, to wear a mouthguard and keep those pearly whites inside your mouth.
If you need emergency dental care, find the nearest dental professional near you. Time is of the essence!

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