Tuesday, November 14, 2017

3 Places with ATV Trails You Won’t Want to Miss This Winter

Winter might be arriving quickly, but that doesn’t mean your ATV fun has to stop. There are plenty ATV trails that are great to explore during the winter months. Just make sure you’re geared up and ready for the cold. Because the fun should never end, an ATV magazine came up with this list of awesome trails take on this winter.
Northern Utah
With its natural beauty and pristine winters, Northern Utah is a great place to track down some trails on your ATV in the winter months.
If you want light snow, Knolls is a great option for you. This 36,000-acre sand pile is 78 miles west of Salt Lake City and 40 miles east of Wendover. You’ll know you’re there when you have sand dunes trailing down both sides of your drive. Because the trails are well tread, this is a safe option for the whole family.
Jughandle Arch, named for its arch-like appearance, is open year-round and is located just south of Salt Lake City. It has a 38-mile loop that takes you through Utah’s canyon lands.
If you want to experience the deep snow on your ATV, Ontario might be just the place for you. With an abundance of natural trails and guided tours, you are sure to have the adventure you’re seeking.
Try Redline Outdoors if you want a guided tour or to rent a vehicle. You can even take a snowmobile out on their 4300 miles of frozen lakes and forests. Talk about a winter wonderland!
Seguin Trail is another great trail in Ontario. They even have an ATV couples’ getaway that goes out along their rivers, lakes, and parks.
Oregon is full of great outdoor adventures and ATV trails that are open all year round. You can find trails in a variety of terrains, from the mountains to the coast. Here are a few of our favorites:
Christmas Valley, Oregon has 8,900 acres of sand dunes the explore. And how fitting is the name for your winter exploration? Take a ride through their many sand bowls and dunes to satisfy your craving for adventure.
Located near the Siuslaw National Forest, the Sand Lake dunes are a popular ATV retreat along the northern Oregon coast. They are surrounded by the forest on one side and the ocean on the other. There are even plenty of campgrounds nearby if you want to stay and ride for a few days.

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