Tuesday, October 10, 2017

3 Steps to Give Your Parking Lot a Facelift

Wear and tear are a regular part of the life of a parking lot. If you are a business owner, it is important for your customers to have clear markings, parking stalls, and direction for navigating your parking lot. The following three steps are a great way to give your parking lot a facelift, according to Klingler Asphalt Maintenance of Idaho:
  1. Sweeping
Dirt, gravel, and other debris are constantly blowing in and accumulating on your lot. The first step is to remove the debris. Parking lot sweeping can be done by hand if it is relatively small, or done with large sweeping machines for larger areas. Removing debris is a great way to improve your parking lot.
  1. Seal coat
A fresh seal coat offers excellent visual appeal along with protecting from chipping and other damages. Seal coating helps keep the lot smooth, making it easier to maintain. The coating helps seal the pavement with the waterproofing effect, which prevents the pavement from becoming brittle and dried out.
  1. Striping
Parking lot striping is the cherry on top. With crisp clean parking stalls, and highly visible traffic markings, your parking lot will look fabulous, and function efficiently adding to the appeal of your business. Every storefront looks better with a fresh parking lot, and customers will appreciate it more than you know.
Getting started is easy. All you have to do is contact an asphalt contractor near you and go over what you need to have done. They will offer their professional input, and provide you with details on how soon they can get started, and when they expect to finish. Do yourself a favor, and make it happen today!

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