Monday, September 18, 2017

Healthy Fall Treats for Your Little Ones

Fall is the time when plenty of sugary treats emerge with back to school and Halloween parties, sports events, holidays. And it’s an exciting time! The treats make it that much more so! But we don’t want our kids having all that sugar, so our friends at a Pocatello dentist came up with this list of healthy Fall treats to keep with the excitement of the season.

1. Carrot Pumpkins
Fun shapes and something to dip it in is all the rage with children. Slice carrots into pumpkins like this and serve it up with some ranch and other veggies. You could even make little skewers with it. So fun!
2. Cinnamon Apple Chips
Take your kids to an apple orchard on a Saturday morning or for an after school activity, and then make these yummy cinnamon apple chips with your fresh apples. Your kids will love enjoying the treat that they helped pick, literally.
3. Sweet Potato Fries
Turn sweet potatoes into fun fall shapes for this yummy treat. Let the kids help cut out the shapes. You can do jack-o-lanterns, stars and moons, leaves, or even cut them into the pumpkin shapes like with the carrot pumpkins mentioned earlier in this post. Have fun with it!
4. Fun Veggies Tray
Create a fun veggie tray! You can make an owl like this photo, or go to Pinterest and find tons of cute ideas for some fun veggie tray designs – like a turkey, a skeleton, pumpkin, and more! Food is always for exciting when turned into a fun shape.
5. Healthy Pumpkin Muffins
It is fall, after all. And what is fall without a good dose of pumpkin? Give these healthy pumpkin muffins a try for breakfast or an afterschool snack. Finger foods are the best, and these are sure to please, especially with a healthy dose of chocolate chips!
Take a stab at some of these fun fall treats without the guilt of loading your family up with sugar, and keep your dentist visits at a minimum this holiday season.


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