Monday, July 31, 2017

5 Tips to Get Your Child to the Pediatrician

Do you have a child that is afraid of an upcoming visit with the pediatrician? Though each child is different, the following five tips might help your child feel more confident about their doctor’s appointment.

Tip One: Go with your child to the first appointment
Though your work schedule might not allow it, attending your child’s first appointment in a new office will help ease your child’s fears because they know you will be there to keep them safe.

Tip Two: Roleplay with your child
Though it might seem silly to you, role playing and practicing what might happen in the doctor’s office will build your child’s confidence. At the store, you can purchase inexpensive doctor toys your child can use on stuffed animals to understand what will happen during their appointment.

Tip Three: Bring a comfort item
Most children have an item that makes them comfortable. Does your child have a stuffed animal or a blanket that they constantly carry with them? If so, bring that to the doctor’s office. Just being able to see or hold their item might help them feel safer during their appointment.

Tip Four: Offer an incentive
No one really likes to go to the doctor, especially if you have to get shots. Sometimes, the anxiety of an appointment can make the time pass slowly. In order to help your child to feel better, offer to do something they enjoy afterwards. Looking forward to a fun activity or reward will help ease the anxiety of the visit to the doctor.

Tip Five: Select a pediatrician that will be good for your child
Not every doctor or every doctor’s office will be a great fit for your child. It is important that you do your research before taking your child to a pediatrician. Though this task might sound daunting, there are several pediatricians who are willing to do whatever it takes to care for your child in a calm, fun atmosphere.

Your child might be afraid to go to their first doctor’s appointment, and that is OK. Your child will now be more prepared and more confident for their visit with the pediatrician.

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