Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Women's Maternity 3-in-1 Down Jacket | #Mamaway

Wearing the proper clothes during your pregnancy is extremely important and should not be taken for granted. Aside from taking care of your health, eating properly and getting enough exercise, wearing the right clothes can help make your pregnancy safe, healthy and comfortable.
When it gets too cold or too windy, you need to be able to wear clothes that will help you and your baby feel warm. The Mamaway Women’s Maternity Babywearing 3-in-1 Light Down Jacket is the perfect winter jacket that will keep your baby bump covered during your pregnancy and can also be used as a discreet cover when breastfeeding in public.
If you are taking your baby with you outside, you can use this jacket as protection against the harsh, cold wind. With a few simple adjustments, you don’t have to worry about keeping yourself and your baby warm and comfortable during winter.
The genius is in the uniquely styled front panel which integrates seamlessly into the jacket. One end of the jacket panel is wider than the other. What I love most about this product is that it's super light and versatile. It's great quality, windproof and trendy!
Plus, it comes with an additional Mamaway storage bag for easy packing and travel. I definitely would recommend this product to everyone! Order yours today on Amazon.com for $149.99.

Disclosure: Product mentioned above was provided at a discounted price for product endorsement/review purposes only.

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