Tuesday, May 26, 2015

VinoMaster Wine Aerator Spout Pourer Set | #vinomaster

Are you a wine lover? Do you know that one of the most important steps to enjoying a wine at its best is to open the bottle and wait until the wine has had time to naturally aerate? That's why it's important to get a durable VinoMaster Wine Aerator Spout Pourer.
The big advantage of the VinoMaster is that you can simply attach it to the bottle and you can aerate the wine as you pour on a glass-by-glass basis, meaning that you don't have to pour the entire bottle into a decanter and risk spoiling your wine if you don't finish. 

The double air intake system ensures that you get top performance as the wine gets oxygenated as it passes through the dispenser releasing the flavors and aromas. This improves the taste of any wine!
A classy wine stopper is included which is great for keeping your wine fresh if you don't plan on finishing the entire bottle at once. The rubber rings that surround the stopper ensure that none of the wine spills out, even if you were to hold the bottle upside down. The VinoMaster is the best wine aerator for anyone that enjoys wine whether it is a present for a holiday, birthday, anniversary, wedding or any other special occasion.
This aerator is so convenient to use unlike many of the detached aerators you see today which forces you to hold the aerator above the wine as you pour. The VinoMaster attaches directly to the bottle ensuring the wine flows effortlessly from bottle into the glass. It's stylish, excellent quality and and elegant. I would highly recommend this product to everyone.
So if you would like your wine to give a light, airy quality right from the start, this tool is definitely the right one. For more details or would like to order, you should check it on Amazon.com for only $16.95.

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