Monday, August 25, 2014

Back from Hiatus!

Yay, I feel like it's been years since I last updated my blogs. Now that I'm back from a long hiatus I can't wait to share all the things that my family and I did over the past 5 weeks.

We went to the Philippines for a vacation and to attend my grandpa's death anniversary. We had a blast during our trip and did lots of fun things while we're there. Thank goodness none of us three got sick! I'm so lucky and grateful for having such amazing parents who provided us the things that we need during our stay. Thanks Ma & Pa for everything! Thanks also for the advance birthday celebration. I OWE you guys BIG time!!!
Last week was my special day! Hey, I'm thirty one already!? Oh my, how time flies! I celebrated my birthday at Schllitterbahn Waterpark and spent 3 days at the resort. It was fun celebrating my birthday out of town, and it's complimentary too! Thanks Schllitterbahn!!!
As for my gift, hubby and Akesha got me a card, flowers and a diamond necklace. Not to mention, the trip to the Philippines and South Korea. Thanks hon!
Anyhow, I'll be sharing some photos during our escapades while I'm trying to get over the major jet-lag I'm in right now. I'm feeling sluggish, tired, dizzy, and disoriented!

I hope everyone had a fantabulous summer!!!


Mrs. Kolca said...

You are lucky indeed, sis Dhemz! The diamond necklace is beautiful!!

analou said...

Happy Birthday Dhemz! I'm glad you enjoy your vacation. Asa moa nagwater rafting? sa CDO nea?

Chubskulit Rose said...

Can't wait to see more photos sis and yay, welcome back to the blogging world.

Pet Coupons said...

Welcome back. Now I'll read your blog more often. A now a vacation for me sounds good!