Monday, January 6, 2014

We Will Miss You, Dad!

My dearest 93-year old FIL passed away before New Year. My family are deeply saddened by his death. He lived a very long life and did great things. Rest in peace, Dad! Thanks for everything and thanks for all the amazing memories. You will forever be missed, loved & never be forgotten.  
Photo: My father-in-law is a great man! Rest in peace dad...:(  You will forever be missed, loved & never be forgotten. 
Our conversation always start like this:
Dad: Hey, you look great!
Me: Thanks! How are you doing?
Dad: (smirking and shrugging his shoulders) Ok, I guess! Do you miss the Philippines?
Me: All the time.
Dad: Do you still go to church? (Catholic Church)
Me: (Trying to yell as I could so he can hear me) I go to a different church now, Dad!
Dad: (shaking his head) Well, I'll pray for you.
........ :)
Thanks for everything!
Right: Our last picture with him in California (July, 2013)
Left: Akesha's last picture with Grandpa Art in Texas (November, 2013).

We will be flying to Cali this week for his funeral...:(


Mel Cole said...

I'm sorry to hear your FIL's passing yotch :( It's amazing to reach that long of an age. I know the feeling coz I felt very close with my FIL too. Hugs.

Unknown said...

Condolence to you and your family tsang. May he rest in peace. hugs

Tami Marie said...

My condolences to you and yours.