Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Dad's Funeral & Military Burial Honors

My family and I flew to California to attend my father-in-law's funeral/burial. We were in San Jose for five days and stayed at my brother-in-law's house. The funeral and burial services were on separate days and separate locations. 
 Hubby and some of his 11 siblings. 
 Dad was a pretty strong Catholic and goes to church every Sunday. None of his children are Catholic anymore, but it was surprising that all of them participated in the entire ceremony including the rosary. Hubby was assigned to do the Second Reading and I was asked to do the Presentation of the Gifts (wine).
 And on the next day, we had his military burial service in Los Gatos cemetery. He was buried next to my MIL and BIL.
Dad received military honors on that day. 
As the military officials folded the flag, one officer handed the flag to my SIL and said in an emotional tone, "On behalf of the United States and President Obama, we would like to thank your father for his service, and present this American Flag to you."
Such an emotional day. I'm sure Dad is happy now. He had lived 93 good years. Rest in peace, Dad! We all love you!


Unknown said...

Sorry for your loss.. He sounded like an amazing person.

Unknown said...

hugs to you and akesh bayot. I know you love your FIL. may he rest in peace. that must be a very emotional day for the whole family especially greg and the kids. Your FIl had done great things here on earth and Im sure he was happy where is at right now. he will be watching all his loveones he left behind.

Bongacious jd ning military burial sa. my condolences one again.

Eliz Frank said...

My condolences to your family and all his loved ones... From what you've shared, he must have been a terrific guy and a brave soul. May he Rest In Peace.

Chubskulit Rose said...

Our family's condolences again to your family sis. Nakabalik na kayo sis?

Mel Cole said...

Awww, it must very emotional. All of a sudden, I remember my FIL's burial. Sigh... I'm sure he's an awesome Father to you too yotch. Our Condolences...

AdinB said...

I am so sorry, mommy Dhemz. I am glad to hear he had a wonderful 93 years of life. It was the same age when my MIL died.