Friday, November 15, 2013

Little Helper

Child labor? Some people might interpret this in a negative way, but kids are like sponges. Teach them while they're young. That's what a lot of people is telling me.
It is important to teach them responsibilities and valuable life lessons while they're young. I guarantee they'll be better off in the long run.
The package below was very heavy but she managed to push the cart after we got out at Walmart and all the way to the parking lot. Good job, anak!


SheyhZ said...

hahaha child labor, you call that labor of love and teaching kids responsibilities and life generally. taas na kaayo ang hair ni kulot, nibalik lge ug kakulot iya hair ni akesh bayot,

riz said...

good job, akesh.

be good always. hugs always

Mona said...

Agree, at young age dapat talaga teach na natin ang mga kiddos in the end sila din naman mag benefit.

Anonymous said...

"Mother's Little Helper" (shown as "Mothers Little Helper" on the original US single's label) is a song by the English rock and roll band The Rolling Stones.