Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Emerald Green | A Heirloom Ring from My Mom

This ring is made of 1.46 ct Emerald and 14k yellow gold surrounded by a cluster of 14 diamonds. I comes with a pair of earrings. My mom has this set for almost 2 decades, and she finally hand it to me when I went to visit the Philippines last summer (2012). Green is her favorite color.

I remember when I used to steal put this ring on my finger when I was in high school. The ring was too big on my fingers back then. But now it fits perfectly well. Thanks Mom for this heirloom ring.

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☆Mama Ko☆ said...

That ring has found the rightly owner hehehe. looks gorgeous in your hand bayot. abi nku green is your birth stone. naa na jd heirloom nga ikapamana ky akesh puhon. among hierloom ring ky Del Monte. I used to wear one before but i forgot what happened to the ring. I probably lost it, or gi prenda or gi uli sa hingtungdan hahaha