Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Finest Products from New Zealand

Are you wondering what these pieces are? Well, they're actually Greenstone Jade Maori Mere. A Mere is a short flat weapon made of stone (in this case greenstone) which was used by Maori of the past for hand-to-hand fighting.
This jade mere is ornamental of a larger version used as ceremonial as well as a fighting club by Maori warriors.
The Maori warriors were very skillful fighters with the club and, when they used it, would lunge the mere forward in a stabbing motion, directing the rounded, sharp, edge towards the forehead in an attempt to break the skull and destroy the brain.
Greenstone Jade Maori Mere-24cm (9.5") with Stand11"/28.5cm Greenstone Jade Maori Mere, Patu or Waihaka - Matt
They are manufactured from finest quality NZ Nephrite. You can get them at Aside from these one of a kind pieces, they also offer tons of  handcrafted jewelry, gorgeous possum fur and merino garments, health and skincare products, sheepskin boots, maori art, carvings and many more. You should check it out!

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