Thursday, August 8, 2013

Balancing Work and Leisure

Although people are aware of the importance of having a healthy and active lifestyle, having a regular exercise regimen has not been a priority for most of them. But if we really want to live long and healthy lives, exercise should be part of our schedule. A great number of health complications and illness that we experience later in life could be prevented if only we make the conscious effort to maintain an active lifestyle. Scott Gelbard is one of those who have successfully managed to maintain an active lifestyle despite having a busy work schedule. Mr. Gelbard serves as a great example to those who are still struggling with balancing different aspects of their lives. Going to the gym is not your only option, though. There are other various fun activities that you can engage in that gives the same health benefits as lifting weights or using the treadmill. Finding an activity that you really like makes you look forward to exercising that much more.

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