Tuesday, March 19, 2013

6 Family Sticker Decals that Don't Turn You into Boring Stick Figures

It seems as though everyone has the stick-figure family decals on their cars, trucks and SUVs these days. These cute decals gained popularity as a way to signify drivers’ family members, interests and even pets. Still, these stick-figure decals are facing criticism as boring. Here are a few options for stepping out of the family stick-figure box to show more of your personality.

Go “The Incredibles” Style with Superhero Decals

Mr. Incredible
Image via Flickr by JD Hancock

Naturally, your family is a family of superheroes, just like Mr. Incredible and his crew in the Disney/Pixar flick “The Incredibles.” To show off your super-human capabilities, opt for fun Marvel comics-based decals, such as Iron Man, Spider-man or Captain America. Choose a single theme for the whole family, or create a mixed bag of superhero characters for a little more diversity.

Opt for “Harry Potter” Themed Family Decals

Harry Potter
Image via Flickr by Sarah_Ackerman

If comics aren’t really your thing, but you love yourself a little magic and wizardry, “Harry Potter” family decals might be for you. This massively popular film series captures the hearts of children and adults alike, and the Potter-themed decals are just as addicting. These stickers aren’t actually licensed by the “Harry Potter” company or endorsed by J.K. Rowling, but they sure can add a little personality to your stick family.

Super Mario Returns to a Rear Windshield Near You

Image via Flickr by tiseb

Super Mario and his bro Luigi made a comeback with the rise in popularity of portable video game consoles, and now they’re heading to a rear windshield near you in the form of family sticker decals. Whether you love Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach or Princess Daisy, or even the 1-up Mushrooms or Goombas, these stickers will represent your family as popular video game characters.

Reveal TMI (Too Much Information) with “Position Available” Family Decals

family stickers
Image via Flickr by teamstickergiant

If you’re buying a car post-divorce from Arrigo of Palm Beach certified pre-owned or another dealer, publicize your single-and-ready-to-mingle status with traditional family stick figures noticeably missing a husband or wife from the mix. Get super-creative by painting a notification to let other drivers know the position is open and whether you’re currently accepting applications.

Rebel against the Stick-Figure Family Decals with Anti-Stick-Figure Stickers

Image via Flickr by chad_k

If you’re totally anti-stick-figure family, express your disgust with the trend with any number of humorous—and possibly morbid—depictions of stick-figure families gone-bad. This could mean decapitated stick figures, an alien invasion bombing your stick-figure family or other creative ideas.

Go Milder with Your Rebellious Approach by Opting for Kitties or Monkeys

Image via Flickr by kevin.j

You’re anti-stick-figure decals, but you’re not quite bold enough to go the morbid route. If that sounds like you, go with decals representing your family members as the backsides of cats or hanging monkeys. Cute and cuddly can be just as unique as the more brazen approaches to family decals.
If you like to follow the trends but don’t like to be a follower, traditional family decals probably seem too mundane and expected for you. Fortunately, there are dozens of creative ways to depict your family with sticker decals for your car, whether you like to push the envelope or prefer a safe, yet different approach.

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