Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Let's Rodeo San Antonio!

Rodeo is a BIG thing in Texas! It's like a month celebration for cowgirls and cowboys. This kind of event is really hard to miss especially when you live in Texas.
 We went to the Stockshow and Rodeo last weekend together with our family friends, Alvin and Kavitha. Akesha had a blast with some of the rides at the fair ground. We saw some animals too and checked some southern decors displayed at the marketplace area.
 We also watched a concert. We were supposed to watch the REO Speedwagon, but all tickers were sold out. Instead, we saw Darius Rucker.
We always have fun every time we go to the rodeo. I will post some rodeo actions later...:)


Pretty Kat said...

untsa man ng naunang comment oi... why man naka sulod na.. :)

weeeeee... ang boots na sad, ang japorms sa duha nice kaayo...hawod na kaayo ning kuluta ni mo posing ug camera ai... modelong gamay na jud.

Chubskulit Rose said...

Awwww cute ng mga poses ni Akesh hehehe... I love both of you guys boots!

Rcel said...

Ohh there's the cowgirls from Texas~ Perfect tandem kaayo mo ni Akesh, Dhemz! Triz wishes she could go to a rodeo soon. Ambot lang ug naa ba diri sa among bukid, wa man koy nadungog. LOL. Maybe ayha na ug makabalhin mi Texas! Kanus-a pa kaya? LOL.

BPC hop!

Yannie said...

Nice outfit ninyo dhemz, cowboy na cowboy at the same time girly

☆Mama Ko☆ said...

heeeyaaaww hot momma and cow girl akesh. hehe ka cute sa mga outfit uy. can we come please. i really love to try that rodeo di ba kaha na sakit vejayjay sa hehehehe.

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