Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Top 5 Things to Keep Children Healthy This Winter

The winter season is here once again and parents are looking for things that they can do to keep their children healthy this winter season. When it comes to keeping your children healthy, there are several things that parents can do. In addition to getting children vaccinated for the flu, parents should encourage their children to eat well, get the proper sleep, make sure children wash their hands regularly and ask healthy children to stay away from sick children and adults.

Get Your Children Vaccinated to Keep Them Healthy This Winter

Many experts are suggesting that parents bring their children in for the flu vaccination this year. According to pediatricians, getting children vaccinated is the one way to help prevent children from contacting the flu. Although everyone is at risk at getting the flu, doctors are encouraging households with multiple children to really consider the benefits of having all of their children vaccinated.

Encourage Your Children to Wash Their Hands All The Time

To keep children healthy, pediatricians and doctors are asking parents to make sure their children wash their hands throughout the day. To help keep clean, doctors are recommending that parents give their children hand sanitizer they can carry around with them at school that they can use periodically throughout the day. Parents should ask their children to use the hand sanitizer after touching doorknobs and other objects. Although you do not want children to become obsessive about washing hands and using hand sanitizer, teaching them good hygiene skills is extremely important if your goal is to keep your children healthy this winter.

Make Sure Children Get the Proper Nutrition and Sleep

When it comes to keeping children healthy, what they eat and how much they sleep may have an impact on their ability to ward of illness. By taking the time to make sure your children are eating properly and getting enough sleep, parents will be taking the steps to make sure their children stay healthy this winter.

Keep Children Away From Other Sick Kids and Adults

No matter how much we do to keep our children sick-free, children get sick all the time. By taking the time to advise your children to stay away from other children and adults who appear to be sick, you will be helping your children stay healthy this winter. Although this may sound like an impossibility, by taking the time to separate the sick and healthy many parents will have an easier time keeping their children healthy this winter.

To help prevent the cold and flu from spreading, if you have one sick child in your household make sure your other children do not play with that sick child until he or she is better. By taking this precaution and keeping sick children separate from healthy children, you will be helping your children stay healthy this winter.

Tell Your Children Not to Share Drinks or Food With Other People

In addition to doing all of the above, you should encourage your children not to share drinks or food with other people. Many children allow other children to take a sip of their drinks or take food from other children’s hands. Although doctors advise kids not to do this anytime of the year, sharing drinks and food with others during the winter is a big mistake. During the winter, everyone is at risk of getting sick. That is why children should be taught never to share their drinks or food with anyone at anytime of the year.

Even if keeping children healthy during the winter may seem impossible, you may be surprised. By keeping these top 5 things to keep children healthy this winter in mind, you will be on your way to keeping your children healthy this winter season.

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