Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Graffiti Run: The Colorful 5K

As some of you may know that my brother-in-law and my younger brother are both marathon runners. Greg and I are so proud of what they have accomplished from the previous years. I got inspired and signed up my family for a 5k run last October. The registration fee was $45.00/person, and that includes a shirt, a bib, a color packet, and a headband.

Knowing that we have a 6-year old in tow, hubby was a bit skeptical about it and thought we won't be able to finish the race. But Akesha proved him wrong!
Here's us before the graffiti explosion. So fresh and clean, but not for awhile!
Warming up before the race....
We jogged, walked, and ran....lol! Greg was way ahead of us, but he waited for us when we're almost to the finish line. We were so proud of Akesha for finishing the 5k run with us....42 minutes is not bad after all!
It was our first time to join a fun run, and we had a blast! It's one of the memories we won't forget. We'll definitely do it again. 
What is the color in the graffiti run?
- The color powder at The Graffiti Run is simply the single most powerful source of happiness on the planet. The color powder is a non-toxic, non-rash inducing corn starch based product. It is 100% natural and safe.


Tita Beng said...

Whoa! Akesha finished the 5k run? Galing naman! It's so clear, you had a blast guys! Fun run is really much fun with family.

Keep enjoying life Dhemz. Stay well and sexy as always!

Rcel said...

I am so green with envy, Dhemz! Grabe, belib kaayo ko kang Akesh! Murag si Triz nga arisgada kaayo! Hahaha. Good job kaayo oi!

I wish I can do this, too! When I was in elementary, I signed up for the track and field race ug nakadaug kunohay ko kaisa. Di pa ko hubakon ato. LOL. Karon, I doubt if di ba ko hutoyon to jog ug ing-ani ka-layo. I can dare hike kay anad ko mobaklay but not jog kay hangakon jud ko. But I would like to try. Wa pa lang ko kadungog diri ug ing-ani ba. There is one during April pero Sabado man gud, gapanimba man mi. Maybe there is one that's not on Saturdays and when Tiara is a bit older, kanag mosukol na pud. LOL.

Thanks for linking this to BPC!

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

ang daming nag join..

ROJAK said...

the graffiti run's powder is corn starch based product so does it taste sweet?

Shydub said...

Family of runners d i mo bayot ky imung lil bro runner mn sd. sus ka sexy sa mag ina uy, athletic kaayo ug barug si akesha tsang.

kamahal sa registration sa. Im' sure the fun and excitement is worth it bahala ug kapoy lingaw m n sd. limpyo kaayo pag start pag human yay colorful na hahaa

Jessica Cassidy said...

A family that runs together stays together :-) Woohoo! congrats Momi Dhemz especially to the pretty Akesha for finishing up the marathon :-) I love the colors and the theme :-)

BPC 29

Chubskulit Rose said...

Sis pwede ako magjoin next time? Lol, mukhang ang saya saya.. I bet you will do this every year..

Kamusta ka na dyan, mukhang busing busy ka ah..