Monday, January 14, 2013

Apdian's Farm

Welcome to Apdian's Farm! Take a quick peek of my parents farm in the Philippines.
Almost 50 acre of land  filled with coconuts, bananas, fruit trees, some falcata trees and corns..and farm animals too! Enough to feed the whole!
I was able to checked the farm again when I visited the Philippines last year. It has been awhile since I step foot in Apdian's farm (maybe before I got married). I barely remember.
Anyhow, my brother and I went along with my dad to the farm together with his!
I got to see some of our workers working die hard in the field. I call them group! My family have two set of workers. Group 1 are field workers ( village) and Group 2 are laborers (city). 
After a few hours of wandering around the farm, it's refreshment time! Nothing beats fresh coconut water.
Now I miss the mountain breeze. I'm looking forward to go back there again soon!


analou said...

Kadako sa farm ninyo Dhemz. Kami wala jud bisan komingking lang sa inyong farm.

Unknown said...

very big indeed! haciendera man diay ka demz

genefaith said...

wow nice farm...dako man diay kag hacienda sis...mao pod ni ako desire to invest on land..maayo nalang naa koy kalingawan tanom kamote pag abot nako retiring age:)

visit from 14/365 BPC

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

may farm pala kayo...asan ang mga manok panabong,hehe.....nasa fb mo na message ko...kailan ka babalik...babalik ka rin...tugma sa post ko now..

Bless said...

That is really nice to have a farm. Your dad is surely very busy tending your farm :-) Hayahay kaayo suruyan Mommy unya mamutong kuk

Late BPC hop!

Anonymous said...

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Michell said...

Wow! it's so relaxing. Mingaw kog suroy2x place like your farm. Late BPC hop!

emzkie said...

wow ka nice! ka dako sa inyong farm dhemz. kalami anang fresh buko juice oi! nag laway ko ug huna huna. hehe

BPC hop!

Rcel said...

aguy dhemz, palaaga intawon ko sa inyong farm ug mamutong ta tas maglung-ag saging tuslo sa ginamos. pastilan, pa-piktyur dayon ta aron naa koy pose with the 'haciendera'! di man diay ka basta-basta oi! loami ani mantenir ra jud ug yuta sa kaang! hahaha.

Thanks for linking this to BPC! Doing my late hops here!