Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Happy Birthday tsangShy!

I just want to post a quick greeting to a good friend of mine who is celebrating her 25th birthday...hehehee! Happy Birthday bayot!

I wish you a happy birthday, a nice life, full of joy, and I desire you continue in your mission of being happy, making happy beings because the way to being happy is to make others happy first. There are no sufficient words that I can say how thankful I am that you have been part of my life. So on this special day of yours, I would like to say thank you and happy birthday to you my friend!

If you get a chance, please stop by at Simple Happy Life and greet her on her special day! Thanks...;)


Jessica Cassidy said...

Happy birthday Momi Bayot Sheila, hope you had a wonderful day mwahness to yah :-) Momi Dhemz, mahimuut jud ko sa inyo tawganay ba ky Bayot jud weeeeeeeeeeeee Thank you for sharing this to BPC

Raya said...

How sweet of you to make that for mommy Shy, Dhemz! Belated happy birthday to you, Mommy Shy! :) I actually have greeted her on facebook already. hehe
here for bpc hop!

Rcel said...

Hala, I didn't know nga nag-birthday diay si gwapa ug seksi (pero bayot) Sheila. LOL.

Happy birthday Shie, belated na kaayo better late than never man, di ba? :D

BPC hop ko diri Dhemz on a new year! :)

emzkie said...

oi Belated Happy Bday mommy SHiela! sus karon pa ko nakagayon. late na dyud intawon. hehehe

BPC hop ko dhemz