Monday, November 12, 2012

Plan Your Own Horse Trail Adventure

Going on vacations is something that we enjoy as a family. It is one of our favorite family bonding activities. Not only do we get to visit beautiful places but we also get to meet interesting people. Our daughter is also learning a lot from the various trips that we have taken in the past. We also get to add to our collections of different items such as postcards and bills and coins from other countries. We also love the outdoors and we always look forward to doing something that will allow us to make the most out of the wonderful weather.

A horseback trail adventure is actually next on our list. Although we may be novice riders, we know that we will surely enjoy going on a horseback trail adventure. We are looking into places which are suitable for families, with trails that are perfect for both beginners and advance riders. We are also planning on staying overnight so that we can fully enjoy the adventure. We are making a list of the things that we need to bring such as the proper riding gear such as riding boots and riding apparel. We also learned that we may need to buy a horse rug that can keep our horse warm during the night. We may have to look into the saxon rugs from equestrian clearance for some quality and affordable horse rugs. With different brands available, each having their own unique designs and colors, I’m sure will find the perfect horse rug.
We are making all the necessary preparations because we know that this ensure that our horseback trail adventure will be hassle free and stress free if we plan for it carefully. We already have a shortlist of the places that we are seriously considering and we are hoping to make a final decision soon on when and where to have our horseback trail adventure.

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Unknown said...

oh my golly, apil horse now have its own clothing line hehehehe. mahal na gani breeding and maintenance sa horse, pun an pa ug sarong. magtagsa ta ani bayot nya magkabayo ta uli ug lupang hinirang hehehe