Saturday, November 3, 2012


For the love of hats.
Here are some of my hats. Trying to put them away since winter is coming up. Time for beanies and hoodies!


Mark said...

..that air force wife hat caught my attention. :) should have 1 for mylove too :)

dropping by, from BPC :)

Jessica Cassidy said...

woohoo! look at all the pretty hats you collected Momi Dhemz :-) My husband also likes to collect hat to cover his bald head :-( He feels embarassed but I think he still good looking even he is bald, that is why I love him :-) Dropping by from BPC

Lulu Post said...

yay hat collection.... i am not into hats though

bpc hop

Chie said...

Ubay2x na jud ni imong nacollect nga hats sis..Cool ng naay "Air Force Wife"

BPC hop

emzkie said...

haha naa pud ko picture nga ingon ani.. collection of hats! lol. pero lahi lang ug design ako mommy, kay beret caps, beanies, knitted beret. mostly beret! hahaha.. lain lain ug color. lol. and i cant get enough of it. adto na pud ko sa ross ugma ug mag tan aw didto.. barato lang man gud didto tag $5 lang ang calvin klein na beret. =D

Rcel said...

Aguy, dili ma-ihap nga hats! Grabe na jud ni. Ako diri dhemz kay trying hard kaayo mopalit ug hat(s) pero di jud ko kagamit kay di jud ko angayan. Daku man gud kaayo ko nawong ba. Lol. Bisan on winter, I rarely put on hoodies and stuff. Samokan ko. Lol.

Re: Basta Friday hatud sundo namo si Triz. Car rider sya on Friday bale. A one day treat kay she can get up at 7:30am, instead of the usual 7 to 7:10am. Lol. So either me or jon can get to talk to her teacher every Friday inig sundo sa iyaha. Last Friday, I got to see the pic of her nga naa sa hallway for being the Bobcat student of the week. Abi ko nagbinuang ra sya when she told me last Monday, tinuod man diay. LOL.

Thanks for joining BPC! :)

Unknown said...

akong kalo lingin, lingin akong kalo, kalo gani dili lingin kalo dili ako hehehe kanta na siya bayot para sa imung daghang kalo hehehehe

save the blue nike for me and one of that cowgirl hats. sus preha ta bayot adik ug hats pero i like the baseball cap. comfortable gamiton. mao ra na ako collection hehehe.