Monday, August 6, 2012

Kids & Summer Décor

When the kids are home for the summer the house can really take a beating. One way to keep control is to live outdoors as much as possible, with dinners on the deck and lunch at the picnic table. Camping outside is another fun idea so stock up on sleeping mats and bags so everyone can be comfortable and get a good night’s rest. Investing in a tent can actually be a lot of fun once you set it up. It can serve as a play house by day and a bedroom by night, even if the tent is pitched on the driveway or the deck. Sleep outs are one of the memories kids will treasure.

Keep clutter to a minimum by placing a clothes hamper by the back door filled with sandals and flip flops so less dirt gets tracked into the house. Minimize excess use of the bathroom by making it fun to bathe outside – there are solar showers and portable showers which are easy to erect in the backyard and you may even get your little ones to look forward to bathing for a change. Even if they simply run back and forth through the lawn sprinkler or take a hose bath it can be a refreshing change over the regular bath routine.
Bed canopies can help to ward off insects and they are quite useful on the porch or patio – drape one over a chair so you can read in peace or over the picnic table to help cut back on annoying pests; they can also be used in tandem with an umbrella. If you have a pool then you’ll want to contain the clutter with handy pop-up hampers and plastic laundry baskets – these are lightweight and portable so you can easily tote and store everything from towels to toys and sporting goods.


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