Monday, August 27, 2012

Jamaica Part 2 | Appleton Rum Tour

Continuation of Part 1...
After a few twists and turns along the narrow road of Jamaica, we finally reached our destination: Appleton Estate Rum Plantation. Upon arrival, we were greeted by the staff and was directed to the mini bar right away.
Apple juice?! Nope, it's Rum baby! Paired with sugar cane chunks.
We're not alcoholic couple, but we take a sip every once in awhile. And we're not irresponsible parents either. Daughter is not drinking rum in this! She's enjoying a cup of cranberry juice served specially for her.
Appleton Rum Bar Display
I'm always proud of my little girl. She's been a great traveler ever since she was born. Plus, taking photos is something she's always up!
The actual tour started HERE:
There are two old sugar cane crushers that are still shown to visitors and a demonstration with a donkey on how they use to operate the cane crushers.
Here's Pax, the donkey and his master showing us how cane juice was extracted in the 18th century. Daughter was very fascinated by the donkey extracting the sugar cane, she even gave him a pat on the!
See these large white oak rum barrels? Boy, they're pretty expensive. The aging process varies from three years up to fifty years. Each barrel costs between $3K plus - $46k.
After roaming around the plantation, we headed back to the main office where lunch was served. We got to enjoy some Jamaican cuisine! I really love their jerky chicken and rum cake. 

Visitors favorite part of the tour is the rum sampling. You'll have the opportunity to sample 12 varieties of produced at the Estate. I got tipsy after trying 4 bottles. Man, 12 samples is crazy!

The whole trip was almost 7 hours long, but it's well worth it. My family and I had a great experience in Jamaica.


Chubskulit Rose said...

Masarap ba ang rum nila sis? Love that last shot!

Thank you nga pala for the souvenirs , love all of it!

David said...

fave ko ang last shot! very beautiful.. hmmp let's see each other in Jamaica again kuk

Bless said...

Wow wonderful experience. Your Akesh is really a trooper :-)

poray said...

was the rum good? ka nice sa trip oi..i want us to go on a cruise too kaso si bana kay dagaton mn napawng ako pangandoy nga cruise lol

mommy Orkid Belle said...

I have seen this one on Globe Trekker one time ga tan-aw ko ug TV and she was sampling all those rums.. ako mommy one sip na manghoy na akoa kalawasan so dili ko mo inom.. hahahahahaha... I am so tickled by Akesha kay game na game jud kaayo sya ba.. that is so nice. :) Naa ko recipe nakuha from Nigella Lawson for a Jamaican jerk chicken and lami sya.. how much more ug sa Jamaica jud. I bet it was that good. :) Love family and great travel!

emzkie said...

wow! this is a very fun experience mommy dhemz! and of course very educational for ur little traveler. i would love to visit that place and taste their drinks. =D. ive tasted the raw san miguel beer and oh boy.. it was soo good. lol

visiting from BPC 239

Jessica Cassidy said...

yay! it delish Momi Dhemz? I love all the pictures...Jamaica is a beautiful country indeed :-) Dropping by from BPC.