Saturday, August 4, 2012

Creating a Safe Nursery

Designing and creating a nursery is not just about deciding on the most suitable theme for the room. It is rather more about making sure that you create a comfortable and safe room for your baby. If you are not vigilant about making sure that the furniture, fixtures and accessories that you choose are safe to use, you may be creating a nursery that could be hazardous to your baby. In choosing a crib, you need to make sure that it has passed the safety standards. The slats shouldn’t be too wide apart so your baby’s head wouldn’t get stuck in them. There shouldn’t be any sharp corners, the paint used shouldn’t have any toxic smell and there shouldn’t be unnecessary components such as knobs that may fall off and may cause any type of injury to your baby. You can also choose organic baby blanketswhich are made from materials that are grown without any harmful chemicals or pesticides. They are a safer alternative to the usual blankets that we are used to.