Thursday, May 24, 2012

How to Enjoy Motherhood

Being a mother is a non-stop job. You work 24 hours, without being paid for your overtime. However, as tough as the job is, there is a great reward waiting for every mother. After all, a simple card of “I Love You” from our child is enough to erase all our worries. So really, how do you survive the pressure of motherhood? Here are some tricks that make motherhood really worth it!

1) When you want to relax, pretend to play like you are in a spa. Give your kids some good massaging oil and ask them to apply it on you. When you are too tired to even play, pretend that you are Sleeping Beauty.
 2) Share baths with your kids. The relaxing feel of the water will never fail to ease out your tiredness. In addition, the endless giggle you get from your little tots is enough to make you want to bath with her all the time.
3) Play imagination games with kids. Pretend that you have been talking with Santa’s elves during the whole month of December so the kids are forced to behave, or else they will not get a gift for making it on the “good list”! During Christmas Eve, put some cool stuff on their stockings.
 4) When extra boring days of winter came, prepare snacks and get your warm quilts ready as you watch the Happy Feet together with your kids. Now, there is a reason to watch cartoons!
 5) Play sandcastles on the beach. Throw rocks towards the water and drop dead on the shore. You could act like a carefree child; after all, you are a mom!
 6) Buy expensive pearls and jewelries. Justify the purchase by explaining that you will pass it to your kids later in life.
 7) Break away from stress by giving the kids a time to explore on their own. Leave them with safe crayon, blocks, and books to get your “me time” all set.

 This is a guest post by Ciel, a photography enthusiast and an article contributor. She hopes to travel the world someday and show it through photographs. Her current task is writing for gulvafslibning, which discusses about floor sanding.

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