Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Reality Toys for iPhone, iPads, and Android

This post brought to you by AppGear. All opinions are 100% mine.
WowWee, a leader in innovative toys, robotics and consumer electronic products, launches the AppGear collection of realistic toys and their corresponding apps than can turn IOS and Android devices into an interactive device. They will create a new reality in the digital gaming world – an Amplified Reality. Each collectible toy or figure from the AppGear collection has a corresponding app that will introduce a whole new gaming experience for gamers.
Six games from AppGear Online will debut this year. These are Foam Fighters, ZombieBurbz, Alien Jailbreak, Elite Commandar, Akodomon and Mysterious Raygun.  In Foam Fighters, the collectible foam airplanes can fly on their own in the real world and unlock missions in the digital world. The collectible foam airplanes are named Black Sheep, Blitz, Shogun, The Wolf, The Bulldog and the Screaming Eagle. Gamers can choose whichever they like or they can purchase the whole line to complete their collection and experience every aspect of this innovative game. Each collectible airplane has a corresponding app that will allow the gamer to complete missions that include dog fights, formation flying, bombing runs, landing and refueling and escorting units. Gamers can also battle other online players. They can develop their skills in navigating WWII fighter planes in settings like the Pacific, Britain or Europe.
Foam Fighters, along with the other games from AppGear, will surely create a whole new gaming experience for kids of this generation who have the actual toys and the apps that are specifically designed for them. They will experience mobile gaming in a whole new level.

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