Sunday, January 15, 2012

Older Parents

This guest post from Lewis Beck

My parents are getting older and part of me really feels like it’s my responsibility to take care of them. They’re having a hard time getting things done that used to come easy and though I’m really far away I feel a lot of guilt for not being there with them every day. I love them both so much and I would never want them to suffer because I wasn’t giving enough effort. I looked into internet service in Louisiana for them down where they live so they could email – to be their age they’re surprisingly into things like technology and cell phones. The good thing is that even though they’re less mobile than they used to be they’re much better about getting in touch than I would have imagined at their advanced age. I don’t know where in the world they picked up this love for all things tech because they sure didn’t have it when I was growing up but I’m really thankful for it. That’s one less thing on my plate!

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Unknown said...

nice post..we all have the responsibility for our parents