Thursday, December 8, 2011

PackIt! | The revolutionary solution to keeping your food fresh!

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As parents, one of our main concerns is how to provide our children with fresh foods that they can eat at school. Parents are concerned whether the foods served at the school cafeteria are fresh and nutritious. Even if we constantly remind our children to buy only nutritious foods, there’s still a chance that they will end up consuming foods that are unhealthy. PackIt lunch boxes can help us with our dilemma. PackIt is a gel lined bag that keeps our food fresh for up to 10 hours. With its revolutionary cooling technology, the food stays cold longer than the other lunch boxes. You won’t be limited to packing food that does not easily spoil. You can add a variety of foods that your children will surely enjoy eating at school including cheese and tuna or chicken salad. Just put it in the freezer then take it out whenever you want to. Want to own a PackIt? Well now is the right time to purchase one! Visit their website and avail of their limited offer of 2-PackIts for just $19.95 – you now have an extra PackIt that you can use whenever you need to pack lunch for another member of your family. Do you think using a PackIt lunch boxes is better than any old lunch bag? Just leave your comments below.


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Mel Alarilla said...

Great that there is a safe and handy Pack It Lunch Box where we can place our children's food that they will bring to school. Thanks for the post. Merry Christmas to you all. God bless you all always.