Monday, October 17, 2011

A scarecrow for the perfect spooky addition to our front yard

Guest post written by Howard Hewitt

I think that it isn't really Halloween until I'm satisfied with all of the Halloween decorations that I've put up at our home. A few months ago our basement flooded and ruined some of our holiday decorations, so I had to replace most of the Halloween decorations this year. I guess that's one good thing that came out of the flooding was getting to have fun with making some more decorations.
I got the idea to make a scarecrow for our front yard by looking through some of my favorite craft blogs with my Clear. I found all kinds of ideas, but I knew that I had to make that one.
I got my son to help me make the scarecrow, which really was a job for more than one person. It was kind of tough stuffing all that straw into a scarecrow. Plus, we made it life sized, which made it even more spooky and difficult to make. It took us almost all afternoon last Saturday making it, but we were both really proud of it. I even had my husband take a picture of the two of us with our spooky creation.

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