Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Classroom Decorations

The classroom is considered as the second home of our children. They spend a number of hours in their classroom each week. Teachers, school administrators and even parents agree that the way a classroom is decorated has an effect to the students. Classroom Decorations must be selected carefully. It depends largely on the age group and grade level of the students that will occupy the room.

For younger students, particularly those in pre-school level, decorations that are colourful and eye-catching works well. Using colourful and bold letters in the message boards will make it easier for them to see the message right away. Classroom walls can also be decorated with posters made by the students themselves. This will encourage them to be more creative and inspire them to create more posters.

For older students decorations that make the students more comfortable and keep them motivated to learn are advisable. The classroom must be decorated in such a way that students are encouraged to actively interact with each other

Classroom decorations are tools in making the room a more functional place for both the students and the teacher. They have to be chosen carefully to create a place where students are motivated to learn and be better students.

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