Monday, August 15, 2011

Celtic Jewelry

Giving jewelry can be an expression of how much a person means to you. There are a variety of designs that convey different meanings. Among the many kinds of jewelry, one of the more famous kinds is the celtic jewelry. Celtic Jewelry is inspired by the Celtic people who are known for creating wonderful pieces of arts. The variation in motifs and patterns symbolizes different levels of affection.

They also have jewelries that bear animal designs. In Celtic mythology a bull symbol of sovereignty and wealth. A serpent, meanwhile, represents the circle of life as the shedding of a snake’s skin. The animal symbol that is chosen to be engraved on the jewelry will represent the feelings that the one who will buy them would want to convey.

A Claddagh ring is traditionally known as symbols of love and affection. Through the years it has since been commonly worn as a wedding ring. The heart at the center of the ring symbolizes love. The hand that surrounds it represents friendship while the crown at the top represents fidelity.

With so much variety available, one will surely find the right design that will convey his feelings to the special someone who will receive his valuable gift.

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SheiLove said...

whats the different with that celtic to other jewelry bayot? heheh ako celtic hibaw an kato ra mn mga irish singer nga pangan celtic waaaa, haaay liliers ko diri bayot